finoOS can be integrated in minutes and enables you to deliver your products faster.

OpenBanking + X

Besides financial data you can connect to documents, risk management, compliance and other data sources.

Self-Service API Platform

All finoOS services are available via one single API providing access to all required services via our self-service dashboard.

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    curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"name": "CLIENT_ID", "secret":"CLIENT_SECRET"}' https://os.fino.cloud/api/v1/auth
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Some use-case examples

SME Risk Management

Combine bank account data with publicly available core data and documents for an improved risk management.

Contract Management

Identify contracts in the bank account data of your customers and enable them to cancel or switch contracts.

SME Banking

Import documents, invoices and bank account data to provide a better banking experience to your users.

Life Changing Moments

Use bank account data to recognise changes in the life of your users and help them to adjust their financial situation accordingly.

Logo API

Use the various implementation possibilities of our Logo API and offer your customer an even better user experience.

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